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Welcome to Independent Support Services Website

Independent Support Services’ (ISS) model is to facilitate the service delivery of person centered, self-directed and individualized supports.  We encourage and support the growth of this service model by providing Fiscal Management Services to New York OPWDD’s Consolidated Supports and Services model.  Our Long Island office also provides Start-Up and Support Broker services to support our mission.

We offer Medicaid Service Coordination that provides case management services in Sullivan County.  We do not provide direct service to avoid a conflict of interest.  Our services are about the person first and foremost.

What is Self-Determination?

Self-determination for a person with a developmental disability means being able to have real control over one’s life. It is not a particular program or service. Self-determined people have supports that are tailored uniquely and specifically to that individual. Some people with developmental disabilities can clearly express their wishes and needs, and are able to make choices independently. Many others can become self-determined by having family, friends, and trusted professionals help them choose how they want to spend their time and with whom.

NY Self Determination Coalition –


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