Newly Revised AP Forms

To all,

Effective immediately, the Accounts Payable department has revised and uploaded updated forms to the website.  These forms replace previous, outdated ones.  Going forward, please begin using the new, revised forms.

In addition, please note that we have added a mileage form for use by families with multiple participants who utilize multiple family-owned vehicles and allow all staff to drive those vehicles.  The purpose of this form is to identify who is driving which participant in which vehicle at any one time.

You will find the following newly revised forms

Mileage 2018
Mileage 2018 for Multiple Vehicles
Mileage Sample 2018

Expense 2018
Expense Sample 2018

Family Reimbursed Respite 2018
Respite Sample 2018

on the current ISS website at

Important Payroll Information

Payday this week is going to be on Thursday 11/9/17 due to the Veteran’s Day banking holiday on Friday.  Holidays also tend to slow the USPS mail so whenever possible, please mail your timesheets early.


Also, reminder:  Only 24 hours of PTO will rollover into 2018.  Check your UltiPro pay stub for your PTO balance.  If you are taking time off please remember that PTO is paid time off; if you are working with another participant at the same time as the PTO times to make up hours you cannot receive “Paid Time Off” because you are not “off”, you are working.  If you make up hours they must be at different times than the PTO hours.  Also please remember when submitting your time sheet for PTO time that you must write the dates, times and hours you would normally work with the participant, mark it as non-billable, not face-to-face, and write PTO for the description/staff action.

Attention Payroll Employees!

With the holidays approaching please be sure to mail your time sheet on time or early if at all possible, to avoid any delays in pay.  Please remember that we can only guarantee on time payment for time sheets mailed on time.  Mailing them even one day late or after the post office closes can impact the timeline drastically during these holiday months.

Also, with the year coming to a close please review the following important W-2 information and notify us of any desired changes immediately:

  • Social Security Card Name: Employee name in UltiPro reflects their name as it appears on their social security card.
  • UltiPro Information: Personal information (name, address, and social security number) in the UltiPro portal.
  • Tax Withholding: As reflected in their most recent paycheck.

Quality Assurance – Updated Incident Training

ISS operates under the auspices of the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities. The OPWDD mandates the Quality Assurance Department to follow Part 624 and 625 Incident regulations and guidelines. ISS staffs are to report all incidents or suspected/witnessed abuse to QA immediately upon discovery. Specific details and information regarding incident reporting and processing is in the Incident Training PowerPoint on the portal. If unsure of what constitutes an incident, call QA at 631-864-2536 ext. 423 and the QA Incident Supervisor will provide clarification and guidance.

If you suspect harm or mistreatment, call QA immediately!

Incident Training and Reporting 2017

Human Resources – News!

If you are looking to hire an applicant and the applicant states they are already cleared as staff through ISS please contact Human Resources either by phone at 845-794-5218 or by email at to confirm that the applicant is already a cleared staff member.

Once confirmed with Human Resources please make sure you complete the New Hire form that is on our website under HR – New Hire Form.  Upon completion of the New Hire form and submittal to HR please do not have the applicant begin working until you receive an email confirming we  have the form and have entered the information into our HR system.

Additionally,  if the participant is under 18 years of age. The cleared applicant might not have completed the Central Registry Child Abuse Background check paperwork that is required when working with children.  This is not a requirement to work with adults and is not done in the initial hiring phase unless the participant, the applicant is being hired for is under 18.  If this is the case and the new hire is cleared through ISS and has not completed the Central Registry Child Abuse Background check it will need to be completed and the results cleared  prior to the start date of the new hire.

Failure to provide Human Resources with the New Hire Form prior to the person’s start date could result in processing delays of timesheets and interruption of working with the participant until all is complete.  Thank you for your cooperation.