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Independent Support Services, Inc.

Due to this unprecedented time we have been receiving some of the same questions. Below are the two most frequently asked questions and answers.

What is FAPTO (Family Approved Paid Time Off):

FAPTO Policy:

Support Staff working for Participants accrue Paid Time Off bi-weekly per the agency’s Paid Time Off Policy.  Paid Time Off is budgeted in the Participant’s Self – Directed Plan through the fringe rate.

However, Independent Support Services, Inc. recognizes that there are times when Participants want to take their own vacations, they may experience medical crisis which cause hospitalizations and or other circumstances which result in staff not working their normally scheduled hours (i.e. weather related emergencies).  These circumstances have caused staff to use their own accrued Paid Time Off or lose wages.  Independent Support Services, Inc. recognizes that Participants and or their Designee want to be able to allow for additional time off without having to make staff use their accrued Paid Time Off, therefore the Family Approved Paid Time Off (FAPTO) policy has been developed.  FAPTO is also budgeted through the fringe rate.

Participants and or their Designee can choose to allow Staff to be paid under the Family Approved Paid Time Off policy for up to 100 hours in a calendar year as long as their Self-Directed Budget can afford it and it is approved by Independent Support Services. FAPTO is at the discretion of the Participant/Family not at the Support Staff’s discretion. The 100 hours is not per staff but the total for all staff for a participant receiving Self-Direction Services.

To use FAPTO, a request must be made to the Participant’s Self-Direction Coordinator.  The Self-Direction Coordinator will then follow the agency’s process to get it approved.  Once approved your Self-Direction Coordinator will notify you, and if needed he or she will give you instructions on how it should be written on the Support Staff’s timesheet.

FAPTO is capped at 100 hours for each calendar year. At this time there is no ability to increase the 100 hours cap.

If Support Staff are told not to come to work, then they are eligible for FAPTO at the Participant’s/Family’s discretion.  FAPTO comes from the fringe rate and cannot be added to by a budget change. When they no longer have their own PTO and FAPTO has been exhausted then the Support Staff should apply for unemployment insurance.

 If staff are told to come to work because they are needed and refuse, then they are not eligible for FAPTO and should apply for unemployment insurance.   If this is the case, please notify your Self–Direction Coordinator  or send an email to Human Resources at and let us know they refused. Staff can be rehired when the restrictions are lifted.  Support Staff are considered “Essential Healthcare Workers” and are expected to report to work when needed. 

What about my medical benefits?

Any Support Staff that has medical, dental and vision benefits through ISS will remain on those benefits even if they do not work the required 30 hours during this unprecedented time.  Deductions that normally get taken out will be taken out if you receive a check.  If you want them stopped and want to make a payment arrangement, we can do that.   If that is the case please contact Katie McGill at 

Keep checking back for further information.  If any of this changes due to how long this virus affects our communities, we will let you.

Thank you,


Alan Kulchinsky
Executive Director


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