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Starting a new job is exciting but at times can be overwhelming. This employee handbook has been developed to help you become acquainted with Independent Support Services, Inc. It answers many of your questions.

As an employee of ISS, the importance of your contribution cannot be overstated. Our goal is to provide the finest quality services to our participants, and to do so more efficiently and economically than our competitors. By satisfying our participant’s needs, they will continue to do business with us and will recommend us to others.

You are an important part of this process because your work directly influences our agency’s reputation. We are glad you have joined us and we hope you will find your work to be both challenging and rewarding.

Download Your Employee Handbook
Support Staff Holiday Time Off

Current Staff Members

If you are a current support staff member and would like to work with additional participants, please email your resume in either a Word or PDF document to:

Mileage Reimbursement

These forms should be used to reimburse mileage expenses for service-related activities. For instance, when transportation is provided in a vehicle owned by a participant, staff or someone using their own vehicle for ISS purposes.

Mileage Reimbursement
PAGE 2 Mileage Reimbursement
Mileage Reimbursementfor Multiple Vehicles
Mileage Sample

ISS News Updates

Ensure your contact information remains up-to-date and you inform ISS of any changes.

In Case of an Accident at Work

If an accident occurs while on the job be sure to document and report the incident within 24 hours to your employer and the ISS Human Resource Department.

Claimant Information Packet
Notification Concerning Workers’ Compensation and Pharmacy Benefits

Ultipro is our Human Resources Payroll system that all active employees have access to in order to view /print their paystubs, W-2s, current benefit enrollments/deductions and tax withholdings.

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