It is with great excitement that Independent Support Services, Inc. presents two major advancements in the knowledge base of the Self-Direction model in New York.  The first is our long anticipated research project with the University of Minnesota Institute on Community Integration on the sustainability of Self-Direction when the Circle of Support is aging or unable to provide the required support necessary for continued success in Self-Direction.

 Evaluation of Experiences with Self-Direction in New York State 

The second is our documentary titled, “Self-Direction Make Your Own Path”, which describes the impact and possibilities of leading a Self-Directed Life.

 “Self-Direction – Make Your Own Path”

Together, we hope that  these two exciting projects will demonstrate to all stakeholders especially OPWDD and Center for Medicaid Service that the Self-Direction model has been a huge success in improving the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and needs to be maintained throughout an individual’s life span.

Please take the time to read and view these projects, distribute the links to as wide an audience as possible and all comments are welcome. 

Let’s hope that this effort will lead OPWDD/CMS to improve, expand and value the tremendous contribution that Self-Direction has made in the lives of people with IDD, their families and their communities.