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News from Accounts Payable

Due to the Holiday Season, Rent checks which are generally mailed on the 24th of each month will be mailed on the 26th, for November and December. November checks were placed in the mail yesterday. Any questions or concerns, please contact or your Self-Direction Coordinator.

We have amended our mileage forms on the ISS website. Please note, there are at least two pages to each mileage reimbursement. “Mileage 2018” (Page one) MUST be completed for each request. “Page 2 SD Mileage 2018” can be included in addition to, if necessary.

EVERY mileage request should include:
1. “Mileage 2018” – One copy.
2. “Page 2 SD Mileage 2018” (as many copies as necessary to complete the submission for the month).

The same applies for all forms being submitted. Please review the forms and contact or your Self-Direction Coordinator if you have any questions.


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