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We are proud to announce that Independent Support Services, Inc is entering into an agreement with The University of Minnesota Institute on Community Integration, to evaluate, study and design a Self-Direction model that will answer the vital question on many care givers minds, “What happens when I’m gone?” This project will last two years and is fully funded by ISS.  In order to be successful, the researchers will need the cooperation of all stakeholders.

Expect updates from ISS via our newsletters, website, Facebook page and the University of Minnesota staff in the coming months.

We are thrilled to lead the nation on this very important and momentous project.

PDF Download Evaluation Proposal

ISS will be partnering with the University of Minnesota, Institute on Community Integration for a research project on sustainability of Self-Directed
services regarding when the primary caregivers are no longer available.  The first phase will be data collection, to include focus groups, interviews and a survey.
The University of Minnesota, Institute on Community Integration is a leading researcher in the I/DD field.
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The proposal below was submitted to the University of Minnesota Institute on Community Integration with an end of June 2019 expected response date.
PDF Download Proposal
PDF Download Barriers and Catalysts PDF Download Beyond Managed Care
PDF Download Self Directed Services PDF Download What Happens When I’m Gone
PDF Download OPWDD Managed Care Q A

Parent Council Meeting Minutes

PDF Download ISS 3rd Quarter Parent Council Meeting Minutes 9_19 PDF Download Meeting Minutes 6 25 19 2n Quarter Parent Council Meeting