ISS makes two major announcements

It is with great excitement that Independent Support Services, Inc. presents two major advancements in the knowledge base of the Self-Direction model in New York.  The first is our long anticipated research project with the University of Minnesota Institute on Community Integration on the sustainability of Self-Direction when the Circle of Support is aging or […]

Portal Two-Factor Authentication

Coming Soon! Two-Factor Authentication With your data protection in mind, ISS will soon be implementing two-factor authentication for logging into the portal as an additional layer of security to keep your data safe. At this time, we are gathering your contact information and we will notify you prior to going live. When you log into […]

Updated Fringe Rates

Independent Support Services is in the process of rolling out a change in our fringe rate for all Self Hired Staff working throughout New York State. This new fringe rate will become effective August 1, 2021 for all full and part time self-hired staff. The fringe rate for all Full and Part Time Self-Hired Staff […]

Planting Seeds

It’s been great weather to continue plant seedlings. As you can see springtime and planting can bring much joy.

National plant a flower day

For National plant of flower day, we sponsored a flower planting activity, in which our participants enjoyed planting seeds that were sent to them. Here are a few photos to share this wonderful experience. We hope to show follow up photos, of the growth progress.

All New 2021 Digital ISS Calendar

The all new 2021 Digital ISS Calendar is here! Find it under the News/Resources tab under Links/Resources.

EVV System Update

To our Stakeholders, We appreciate all your efforts in trying to work with us while we have been getting ready to meet the mandate required by the Cures Act on 1/1/21.  We tried to build an EVV system to meet the minimum requirements, and to be the least intrusive while still maintaining the integrity of […]

eTime Training and Informational Tools

ISS eTime goes live January 1, 2021.  The Links/Resources tab, on the homepage under News/Resources has all the information and guidance you’ll need to help you understand and make a successful transition to eTime!   Click on this link to take you there. On this page you’ll also find additional forms and popular links. Can’t find […]

Monthly Summary Notes

Monthly Summary Notes can now be completed online! Staying compliant and up to date with Monthly Summary Notes is now easier and simpler than ever! No more printing, writing, and mailing. You can answer the few short questions in the portal in less than 5 minutes. Plus, they will stay in the portal so you […]

Voting Rights for Persons with Developmental Disabilities

Exercise Your Right To Vote All Americans have the right to vote, including people with developmental disabilities, and there are federal and state laws to guard and guarantee that right. OPWDD is committed to ensuring that voting rights are upheld for the people we serve and that every person is given the opportunity to register […]