Human Resources – News!

If you are looking to hire an applicant and the applicant states they are already cleared as staff through ISS please contact Human Resources either by phone at 845-794-5218 or by email at to confirm that the applicant is already a cleared staff member.

Once confirmed with Human Resources please make sure you complete the New Hire form that is on our website under HR – New Hire Form.  Upon completion of the New Hire form and submittal to HR please do not have the applicant begin working until you receive an email confirming we  have the form and have entered the information into our HR system.

Additionally,  if the participant is under 18 years of age. The cleared applicant might not have completed the Central Registry Child Abuse Background check paperwork that is required when working with children.  This is not a requirement to work with adults and is not done in the initial hiring phase unless the participant, the applicant is being hired for is under 18.  If this is the case and the new hire is cleared through ISS and has not completed the Central Registry Child Abuse Background check it will need to be completed and the results cleared  prior to the start date of the new hire.

Failure to provide Human Resources with the New Hire Form prior to the person’s start date could result in processing delays of timesheets and interruption of working with the participant until all is complete.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Please remember that IDGS: Transportation CANNOT be used to drive a participant to Day Hab or to take them home. New guidance from OPWDD states that OTPS: Personal Transportation also cannot be used.

Mileage Reimbursement

The IRS has revised the standard mileage rate for 2017. As of 1/1/2017 the new rate will be $0.535 cents per mile and ISS will be using this rate.

Time Sheet Protocol

Staff MUST use the AM and PM designations after the “times worked from/to” to reduce confusion. Please use the valued outcome menu on each time sheet to describe the staff action during the hours worked. When writing in descriptions you MUST follow the valued outcomes and use words such as: assisted, supported, and helped. Thank you.

Important Holiday Payroll Information

Payroll Early Submission:  During the Holidays, due to banking Holiday closures our payroll must be submitted early for several pay periods this Holiday season in order for the direct deposits to be available by the paid date.

Therefore we would like to remind all staff:  It is, as always, of utmost importance to have your timesheets mailed by 5pm on the due date on the payroll schedule.  In addition, whenever possible, we would like to encourage early mailing.  If you are not working over the weekend, please try to mail your timesheet Friday instead of waiting until Monday.  If you do work over the weekend of course you cannot mail it until Monday as the signatures must be after the work was performed.  We strongly suggest having everything reviewed and signed at the end of your shift on the last day you work in the pay period instead of waiting until the due date.  We will absolutely NOT be able to accept timesheets mailed Tuesday in the upcoming months as we sometimes try to do as a courtesy.  Off schedule checks will not be given for late timesheets and they will be paid the following payroll.

This notice effects the 11/25/16 pay date and due to the Christmas Holiday the pay date has been changed to 12/22/16 instead of 12/23/16.