To All Stakeholders

In order for I.S.S. to meet required accounting procedures, all invoices for 2015 must be submitted no later than March 18th, 2016 in order to be reviewed for payment.

Community Classes

Effective immediately, February 17, 2016, a community class request must be verified for appropriateness for funding through IDGS prior to the individual participating to ensure HCBS Waiver guidelines are upheld and all alternative funding avenues have been explored.

As the co-manager, the participant and the circle of support are responsible to provide documentation to the Fiscal Intermediary (FI) to prove that the community class meets the stated requirements for funding.

Attention Self-Direction Stakeholder:

As of 10/1/2014 , per the new regulations, all timesheets, reimbursements and invoices must be submitted within 30 days from the end of the month from which the service or activity was completed. If these documents are not received in a timely manner, as stated above, we will not be able to pay them.

As you may know, we follow the Federal Reimbursement Rate for mileage. As of January 1, 2016 the Federal rate is now .54 per mile. We will be making this change across the board. If you do not want to follow the Federal Reimbursement Rate, please notify your Support Broker who will contact your Self Direction Coordinator who will enter the information in our system.

To help assist us in keeping our records current, please notify us by mail or by email of any changes we should know about; i.e. change of address, phone # and/or email address.

Our mailing address is:  PO Box 1320, Monticello, NY 12701

Our email address is:

Thank you for your cooperation in this regard.

Employee Handbook Support Staff 2015

We are pleased to announce the completion of our Revised Self Directed Self Hired Support Staff Employee Handbook 2015

Over the next few weeks all Support Staff will receive a copy of the handbook either by email or by regular mail.  Each Support staff is expected to sign and return a copy of the Receipt of Employee Handbook and return it to us by 1/15/16. Participants, Families and Brokers will receive a copy either by email or regular mail as well. Click the link above and you will be able to review it. Please be patient while we get the book out to everyone.

Self Direction Guide

We are pleased to announce the development of ISS’  Self – Direction GuideThis guide is intended to help you understand the changes that have occurred in Self-Directed Services as of 10/1/14. The guide explains the categories identified in all Self- Directed budgets (plans) and explanations of what is required in order to receive services and or reimbursement from Independent Support Services. The guide also touches on some basic Human Resources information in regards to Self – Hired Staff. This guide reflects the current regulations that are subject to change. We will do our best to share information as it is received.

Staff Salary Raises & Fingerprinting changes

When the Circle of Support/Participant wish to raise their support staff salary, a staff evaluation form must be submitted to initiate the process, also, unless it is written into the plan then a SD-11 is required to balance the budget lines. The raise is not automatic unless the process is completed.

The justice center has changed the process for fingerprinting. As of 12/18/15, all prospective employees must contact the HR Dept at to schedule their fingerprint appointment. Please be ready with days and times of your availability.

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