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Salary Parameters of Self- Hired Staff (Direct Support Professionals)


Independent Support Services, Inc. as a Fiscal Intermediary is establishing salary parameters for Self-Hired Staff (Direct Support Professionals) in order to insure that pay rates will not result in excessive service reimbursement costs.

Pay Rates:

Starting wage for Self Hired Staff (Direct Support Professionals) could be between $15 and $20 per hour.

Raises cannot be given before 6 months and can be no sooner than annually thereafter.

The percent of the raise should not be more than 20% maximum.  A compelling evaluation reason will be required, should a request above the maximum be offered.


When a raise is being considered for a Self–Hired Staff (Direct Support Professional), an evaluation must be submitted to Human Resources along with the request for a raise in the amount that the Self-Direction Budget supports. Once submitted, reviewed, and verified, the raise will be processed and a pay rate notice will be sent to the Self-Hired Support Staff (Direct Support Professional).

When a pay rate in a budget exceeds the 20% maximum pay rate, the Circle of Support should contact the participant’s Self- Direction Coordinator with the reason why they want to go above the pay rate parameters established in this policy.

Once the reason is received the Self–Direction Coordinator will forward the request to the Executive Director so the established Executive Committee can review the request and make a determination. Once the determination is decided upon, the Self Direction Coordinator, Broker and Circle of Support will be notified.

The Executive Director will determine who will be on the Executive Committee. When charged with making a determination the Executive Committee will request input from the Self Direction Coordinator, Broker and Circle of Support.       



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