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Accounts Payable Helpful Hints – Mileage

AP here with our next topic, Mileage. Please take a look at these tips! Fill out form completely. The “payee” line in particular gets missed quite often. All pages must be signed and dated. Physical addresses are required. Please fill out all lines – do not draw arrows or use ditto marks (“) in lieu […]

Accounts Payable Helpful Hints

Upload Process AP here! This week’s focus is the portal upload process. Clickable links to more detailed walkthroughs can be found throughout this email. Take a look! Submit your expenses by uploading through the portal. Ensure all images are clear and legible. If using a smartphone, the best way to take photos is by using the […]

Accounts Payable Helpful Hints

General Information Hello from AP! We know that the process of completing forms, collecting documentation, and uploading expenses can sometimes get a bit overwhelming. Over the next few weeks, we will be sending you bite-sized emails with helpful hints and reminders to hopefully make the reimbursement process smoother and easier! Please take a look, and […]