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Application Process

Independent Support Services, Inc. is the Fiscal Intermediary for participants who have chosen Self-Direction. Therefore, we are the employer of record and must meet all federal and state mandates. While we are the employer of record, the participant and/or their family, recruit, hire and supervise the support staff.

If you have been conditionally hired by one of our participants and or their family please have them complete a Conditional Hire-Title Salary Request Form. Once Human Resources has received the form an application will be sent.

For staff that have already been cleared by Human Resources and are looking to start work with another participant, please have a New Hire Form completed and signed by the participant/guardian. You can then send this completed form to

Applicants for Support Staff

If you are seeking employment and want to explore the possibilities available through Self-Direction, please submit your resume along with the county you would like to work in to