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Updated Fringe Rates

Independent Support Services is in the process of rolling out a change in our fringe rate for all Self Hired Staff working throughout New York State. This new fringe rate will become effective August 1, 2021 for all full and part time self-hired staff. The fringe rate for all Full and Part Time Self-Hired Staff […]

Planting Seeds

It’s been great weather to continue plant seedlings. As you can see springtime and planting can bring much joy.

National plant a flower day

For National plant of flower day, we sponsored a flower planting activity, in which our participants enjoyed planting seeds that were sent to them. Here are a few photos to share this wonderful experience. We hope to show follow up photos, of the growth progress.

EVV System Update

To our Stakeholders, We appreciate all your efforts in trying to work with us while we have been getting ready to meet the mandate required by the Cures Act on 1/1/21.  We tried to build an EVV system to meet the minimum requirements, and to be the least intrusive while still maintaining the integrity of […]

eTime Training and Informational Tools

ISS eTime goes live January 1, 2021.  The Links/Resources tab, on the homepage under News/Resources has all the information and guidance you’ll need to help you understand and make a successful transition to eTime!   Click on this link to take you there. On this page you’ll also find additional forms and popular links. Can’t find […]

Monthly Summary Notes

Monthly Summary Notes can now be completed online! Staying compliant and up to date with Monthly Summary Notes is now easier and simpler than ever! No more printing, writing, and mailing. You can answer the few short questions in the portal in less than 5 minutes. Plus, they will stay in the portal so you […]

Voting Rights for Persons with Developmental Disabilities

Exercise Your Right To Vote All Americans have the right to vote, including people with developmental disabilities, and there are federal and state laws to guard and guarantee that right. OPWDD is committed to ensuring that voting rights are upheld for the people we serve and that every person is given the opportunity to register […]

What we did during COVID

While regularly communicating with families and participants throughout the pandemic, Eileen Lohan, ISS Self Direction Coordinator found the one common interest that everyone inquired about was what others were doing and how they were handling the COVID situation. Eileen collected pictures and snippets sent in by participants and their families who wanted to share their […]

Independent Support Services is committed to supporting diversity and inclusion within our organization and today, in recognition of Juneteenth, we honor and respect the celebration of the emancipation from slavery. Independent Support Services will remain committed to being champions of change and advocate for the freedoms for all to live the life they choose.

I am Self-Directed

A key event in my life was having the opportunity to live independently. Having my own place made me feel wonderful. I picked out my own beautiful furniture, decorated my apartment and am very happy living on my own. What are your favorite recreations? There are three recreational activities that I like, Karoake, bowling and […]

Department of Labor Form

The Department of Labor’s form IA12.3 is now available on our website. To locate this form, go to the HR tab, click on the drop down box and then click on the Employee Information tab. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you will find this form. This form is to be used […]

PPE Request and Distribution (Revised 5-7-20)

Dear Stakeholders, As per our Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order 202.16, all essential businesses are to provide employees with face coverings while fulfilling their job responsibilities. Under that direction we have obtained a limited supply of disposable masks. TO RECEIVE FACE MASKS PLEASE CAREFULLY READ AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW!!! FAILURE TO DO SO WILL CAUSE […]

The Portal Help Section

The Portal Help Section ( is the place to go for step by step guides and videos on all the features the Portal offers. These include timesheets, expenses, plan documents (and how to upload each), budget summaries, Staff Action Plans, and more.

Update on COVID-19 and Services Provided

Dear ISS Stakeholders, We hope you are adjusting to these difficult times. We wanted to take a few moments to provide some reminders and updates. There appears to be a lot of scams surfacing at this time. We would like to remind everyone to not give out personal information to anyone over the phone, social […]

Essential Employees

In response to the question of having a way to verify Support Staff are “Essential Employees”, attached is a letter that can be downloaded and printed for staff to carry with them showing they are working. We will also have this letter on our website at under the news section at the bottom of the home page.   If a […]


Independent Support Services, Inc. Due to this unprecedented time we have been receiving some of the same questions. Below are the two most frequently asked questions and answers. What is FAPTO (Family Approved Paid Time Off): FAPTO Policy: Support Staff working for Participants accrue Paid Time Off bi-weekly per the agency’s Paid Time Off Policy.  […]

Interim Guidance from OPWDD regarding Comm Hab

Hello all We just received interim guidance from OPWDD in regards to Community Habilitation and wanted to share with you all as soon as possible.  As per NYS, Direct Support Professionals ( DSPs) are considered an essential employees. Com Hab Staff are considered DSPs and are essential employees. Being an essential employee means that they […]

Suggestions for expense Uploads Link

Important AP Note – All expense reimbursements uploaded through the portal must include a signed expense form or they will be held up for payment. AP has posted an additional list of suggestions for expense uploads on our website <link>  Please take a few moments to review and follow the suggestions on this list. Thank  […]

Updated Announcement with Important Information Regarding COVID-19

Independent Support Services would like you to know that we are as concerned as you during this unprecedented time of uncertainty regarding the COVID-19 virus. At this time, we want to notify our stakeholders about some critical information. We encourage Participants and their Circle of Support to reach out to their Care Managers, Brokers and then […]

ISS has started accepting electronic submissions! 

In doing so we have noticed some problems and/or suggestions – Incomplete forms – Everyone should be completing forms the same way they always have but instead of putting them in an envelope; they can now be uploaded in the portal. No Expense form cover page – All “reimbursement” expense type requests need an expense […]

Public Service Announcement

Independent Support Services, Inc. wants to ensure that all of our Self-Directed participants, family members and self-hired staff are aware of and are practicing the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control(CDC) to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. The CDC recommends the following: -actively encourage sick employees to stay home. Direct Support Staff receive […]

Harmonix System Maintenance (SEMP)

Dear SEMP and Participants, Harmonix will be down from 6:00 PM Thursday, 11/21 to 6:00 AM Friday, 11/22 for system maintenance, updates, and fixes. The Participant Portal and SEMP Survey will also be down. Email notification will be sent to all Brokers, Participants, Primary Contacts, and SEMP Survey users notifying them. We will also be […]

I am Self-Direction

Editor’s note: This month’s Self-Direction segment highlights Matthew Magilavy. Mathew’s journey in Self-Direction began in 2010 when he was 21 years old. With tremendous challenges and deficits such as limited communication and social skills, Matthew’s Mom couldn’t imagine or foresee the growth and achievements that lay ahead, due to Self-Direction. In Matthews words. I have […]

Timesheet Upload Capability

Timesheet_Upload_Guide Brokers/ Primary Contact (Families) We are excited to announce that effective immediately Support Staff have the ability to upload their timesheets through the ISS portal once all signatures have been obtained. Within the next 24 hours, all active support staff will be receiving a portal invite with their sign in credentials and a link […]

An Important Reminder from Accounts Payable

REMINDER: With the hectic Holidays fast approaching, the Accounts Payable Department would like to remind everyone to please send in your expenses timely. We kindly request that you send in all paperwork within 30 days of the end of the month of service to guarantee that the request does not expire before it can be […]


To all Payroll Employees 1) Log on to your UltiPro to view and verify your information now so it is sure to be accurate on year-end documents. This includes Name Spelling, Social Security Number, Tax Information. If you need help logging on please email 2) On your most recent UltiPro pay statement, review your […]

Harmonix System Maintenance (SEMP)

To all SEMP users, Harmonix will be down from 4:00 pm Thursday, 10/10 to 6:00 am Friday, 10/11 for system maintenance, updates and fixes. Thank you for your patience. ISS IT Team

Portal (Harmonix) System Maintenance Alert

To all families, participants, brokers and SEMP reporters, Please be advised that the Portal (Harmonix) will be down for system maintenance and upgrades from 6:00pm, Thursday 8/1 to 6:00am, Friday 8/2. Thank you, ISS IT Team


Meet James My name is James and I’m 32 years old. I have been Self-Directing since 2014.  Currently living with a non-cancerous brain tumor, I’m a living miracle. Self-Direction has given me the freedom to do the things that interest me, and provides staff to help me with the things I couldn’t do on my […]

In the Spotlight

 Editors Note:  Nicole Milano was recently recognized for her service dog training efforts, by Councilman Anthony P. D’Esposito.  In a letter from Councilman Esposito, he commended Nicole for her dedication to the service dog assistance program and for her commitment as a life skills coach for individuals with disabilities.  “Teamwork Turns Two Canine Enthusiasts to […]

Portal (Harmonix) System Maintenance Alert

To all families, participants, brokers and SEMP reporters, Please be advised that the Portal (Harmonix) will be down for system maintenance and upgrades from 6:00pm, Thursday 6/6 to 6:00am, Friday 6/7. Thank you, ISS IT Team

Portal (Harmonix) System Maintenance Alert

To all families, participants, brokers and SEMP reporters, Please be advised that the Portal (Harmonix) will be down for system maintenance and upgrades from 6:00pm this evening (Thursday) 5/23, to 6:00am tomorrow morning (Friday) 5/24. Thank you for your patience. ISS IT Team

2019 Outstanding DSP Awards

Individual Award Top 10 Nominees $500 for each award recipient New this year! A DSP TEAM Award Top 3 Teams $500 for each DSP in your team (A team equals 3 or more DSP’s, with a maximum of up to $2,000.00 per team to be divided equally) All applications are due by July 1, 2019 […]

Attention Brokers

Check out this blog post to find Video Recording and Question and Answers resources for our Staff Action Plan Webinar. This page is a part of our new ISS portal’s help system! The help system includes the following categories: 1.       Staff Action Plan Training: a.       Video recording of […]

In The Spotlight

Featuring Jack and Eric Petersen With an introduction from their mom, Bea Petersen, who gives us her perspective from a parent’s point of view. Bea I have 4 children. 2 boys and 2 girls. Eric and Jack are close in age and both participate in Self-Direction. Since their inception in Self-Direction, the stress of my […]

I Am Self-Directed

Key Event in my life One of the keys to my happy life is when I started Stony Brook University Summer of 2018.  I immediately met news friends and started a new chapter in my world. My favorite recreation At 21 years old my favorite recreation is going out with my DSPS to do adventures. We have gone to Atlantis, Bronx Zoo, […]

ISS and Sprout hosts its first Spring Film Festival

On Saturday, March 23rd, Independent Support Services in conjunction with Sprout hosted its first Spring Film Festival at the Hauppauge High School. The program consisted of 90 minutes of original, inspirational short flicks produced by and for individuals with disabilities. For those who could not attend, but would like to view these films, the link […]

Mileage Reimbursement Announcement

To all ISS Families, Participants and Support Staff, As of January 2019, the IRS has increased the mileage reimbursement rate to .58 cents per mile. This will be the default reimbursement limit. If you wish to pay a lower rate per mile, you may do so, but you must contact your Self-Direction Coordinator with the […]

Important Payroll Announcement

IMPORTANT!!! PAYROLL:  PLEASE mail your timesheet Friday or Saturday if you are not working over the weekend.  If you cannot mail it early, remember the post office is OPEN on 12/24 and the timesheets must be postmarked that day at the latest in order to get here in time to pay them!  Mail them ASAP […]

Support Staff Holiday Schedule

Effective January 1, 2019 all Self- Hired Support Staff (Community Habilitation, Supported Employment and Respite) that work twenty or more regularly scheduled hours per week in total are granted 7 paid holidays per year. The following is the schedule of Holidays (Holidays are given on the day they occur). New Year’s Day Martin Luther King’s […]

Important Payroll Announcement

IMPORTANT!!! PAYROLL:  PLEASE mail your timesheet Friday or Saturday,  if you are not working over the weekend.  If you cannot mail it early, remember the post office is OPEN on 12/24 and the timesheets must be postmarked that day at the latest, in order to get here in time to pay them! Mail them ASAP […]

Family Liaison- What’s new with the ISS Parent Council?

The 3rd ISS parent council meeting took place on Thursday, November 8.  Valuable input from parents and ISS resulted in a better understanding of some of the policies recently sent to our participants and families. A revised staff pay rate policy was sent out to address the concerns of families. It was obvious that there […]

I am Self-Directed

Featuring Leah Shapiro   A key event in my life Having my art displayed at the ISS picnic showcase this past summer. My favorite recreation I enjoy doing art and swimming. My latest accomplishment Working as an art teacher. One thing most people do not know about me I love making homemade pizza. What does […]

In The Spotlight

Featuring Michael Korins   Tell us a little bit about yourself My name is Michael Korins.  I am 25 years old and live on Long Island with my family. I am autistic. I have been Self-Directing since I left high school.  While I struggle with many things, I am a talented musician.  I am an […]

News from Accounts Payable

Due to the Holiday Season, Rent checks which are generally mailed on the 24th of each month will be mailed on the 26th, for November and December. November checks were placed in the mail yesterday. Any questions or concerns, please contact or your Self-Direction Coordinator. We have amended our mileage forms on the ISS […]

To Payroll Employees

Please remember that the post office is closed Monday, 11/12/18. If you are not working over the weekend we ask that you mail your timesheets on Friday or Saturday this week. Thank you!

Important information and reminders from ISS Payroll

1. Timesheets will be returned to staff if they are not complete. The staff and participant/representative must make sure that every area of the timesheet is filled in. Timesheets will also be returned if there is ANY white out or pencil used on the timesheet. These will not be paid, so please ensure that we […]

Portal Maintenance this Saturday, 9/29

Please be advised, the Participant and SEMP portals and, will be undergoing maintenance this Saturday, 9/29 from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. This means the system will be down during this time. Note: Depending on the time it takes the developers to finish their updates, it may be up and running soon. Thank […]

Self-Direction Webinar for Individuals and Families

Below is the announcement and link for the 9/25 Self-Direction participant and family Webinar. Please note that registration will be limited to the first 1,000 people.  If you miss it there is a plan to make it available online. Self-Direction Webinar for Individuals and Families Hosted by OPWDD Division of Person-Centered Supports, Self-Direction Unit, Kate […]

Salary Parameters of Self- Hired Staff (Direct Support Professionals)

Policy: Independent Support Services, Inc. as a Fiscal Intermediary is establishing salary parameters for Self-Hired Staff (Direct Support Professionals) in order to insure that pay rates will not result in excessive service reimbursement costs. Pay Rates: Starting wage for Self Hired Staff (Direct Support Professionals) could be between $15 and $20 per hour. Raises cannot […]

Newly Revised AP Forms

To all, Effective immediately, the Accounts Payable department has revised and uploaded updated forms to the website.  These forms replace previous, outdated ones.  Going forward, please begin using the new, revised forms. In addition, please note that we have added a mileage form for use by families with multiple participants who utilize multiple family-owned vehicles […]

Important Payroll Information

Payday this week is going to be on Thursday 11/9/17 due to the Veteran’s Day banking holiday on Friday. Holidays also tend to slow the USPS mail so whenever possible, please mail your timesheets early. Also, reminder: Only 24 hours of PTO will rollover into 2018. Check your UltiPro pay stub for your PTO balance. […]

Attention Payroll Employees!

With the holidays approaching please be sure to mail your time sheet on time or early if at all possible, to avoid any delays in pay. Please remember that we can only guarantee on time payment for time sheets mailed on time. Mailing them even one day late or after the post office closes can […]

NYSELFD – News Blast from OPWDD

OPWDD will be holding a Public hearing video conference at sites around the state to gather input for the Statewide Comprehensive Plan 2018-2022, on September 25th, from 3-7pm. Please read the attachment for more information! News Blast Sept 14, 2017

Quality Assurance – Updated Incident Training

ISS operates under the auspices of the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities. The OPWDD mandates the Quality Assurance Department to follow Part 624 and 625 Incident regulations and guidelines. ISS staffs are to report all incidents or suspected/witnessed abuse to QA immediately upon discovery. Specific details and information regarding incident reporting and processing is […]

Human Resources – News!

If you are looking to hire an applicant and the applicant states they are already cleared as staff through ISS please contact Human Resources either by phone at 845-794-5218 or by email at to confirm that the applicant is already a cleared staff member. Once confirmed with Human Resources please make sure you complete […]


Please remember that IDGS: Transportation CANNOT be used to drive a participant to Day Hab or to take them home. New guidance from OPWDD states that OTPS: Personal Transportation also cannot be used.

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