About Our Services

Independent Support Services’ (ISS) model is to facilitate the service delivery of person centered, self-directed and individualized supports.  We encourage and support the growth of this service model by providing Fiscal Intermediary Services to New York OPWDD’s Self-Directed Services model.  Our Long Island office also provides Start-Up and Support Broker services to support our mission.

We offer Medicaid Service Coordination that provides case management services in Sullivan County.  We do not provide direct service to avoid a conflict of interest.  Our services are about the person first and foremost.

Independent Support Services (ISS) offers people with developmental disabilities the resources and the supports needed to self-determine his/her life and to “Make His/Her Own Path In Life”.  ISS embodies the philosophy known as “Self-Determination.”

Independent Support Services embraces the five basic principles of Self-Determination that support people in obtaining greater opportunities for choice and the control of supports and services they need to reach their greatest level of independence within the communities of their choosing.  These five principles include:

  • Freedom  – to develop a personal life plan that leads to a meaningful life in the community.
  • Authority – to control a targeted amount of resources to purchase needed supports and services
  • Supports – to organize staff and fiscal resources in ways that allow them to obtain the personal goals that they consider life enhancing and meaningful.
  • Responsibility – to contribute to their community and use public funds wisely
  • Self-advocacy – to allow each person to stand up for themselves and others on what impacts their lives.

Independent Support Services also provides Support Broker services to help you start up and manage your self directed plan. Please call Charles Jackson, Director of Broker Services at 631-864-2536 ext. 402 for assistance.

What is Self-Determination?

Self-determination for a person with a developmental disability means being able to have real control over one’s life. It is not a particular program or service. Self-determined people have supports that are tailored uniquely and specifically to that individual. Some people with developmental disabilities can clearly express their wishes and needs, and are able to make choices independently. Many others can become self-determined by having family, friends, and trusted professionals help them choose how they want to spend their time and with whom.

NY Self Determination Coalition – http://nyselfd.org/

Our Principles And Philosophy


Every person with developmental disabilities will lead a self-determined life and achieve success, happiness and love by being empowered to make his/her own path in life.


To provide person-centered, self directed and individualized supports to people with developmental disabilities to assist them in making choices that will lead them to actualize their dreams.


  • To encourage and empower people with developmental disabilities to self-direct their lives.
  • To value and incorporate the opinions of the people we support into our daily activities to allow each person to achieve a successful self-directed life.
  • To recognize the rights of all people to mutual respect and the acceptance of others without bias.
  • To celebrate the success of achievement while continuing to support and encourage those still on the path to achievement.
  • To ensure the person is primary; all else exists to support the person.

How to Start on Making Your Own Path

Some people with developmental disabilities can clearly express their wishes and needs, and are able to make choices independently.  Many others can become self-determined by having family, friends, and trusted professionals help them choose how they want to spend their time and with whom.

Choosing A Start-Up Broker

The Start-Up Broker will sign a contract with the Self-Directed Services Applicant and assist the person in developing:

  • A clear concept of his/her life goals.
  • A functional Circle of Support.
  • An approvable Self-Directed Services Plan using the Person-Centered Planning Process.
  • An individualized budget that corresponds with the supports and services identified in the Self-Directed Services Plan.

Establishing a Circle of Support

The Circle of Support is a group of people selected by the Self-Directed Services Applicant comprised of family members, friends, and professionals either paid or unpaid.  The person’s Medicaid Service Coordinator (MSC) needs to be an active member of the person’s Circle of Support.

The identification of the Circle of Support is the first step in the development of a Self-Directed Services Plan.

The Circle of Support is the entity that helps provide the necessary safeguards, oversight and back-up supports to make the implementation of the person’s plan a success.

The Circle of Support meets on a quarterly basis and assists the person to:

  • Follow the principles of self-determination.
  • Assist the person to identify his/her valued outcomes.
  • Assist the person in obtaining needed supports and services.
  • Assist with planning expenditures.
  • Assist with maintaining the budget.
  • Assist in developing necessary safeguards to protect health and safety.
  • Assist and oversee that all necessary documentation is submitted to ISS on a monthly basis.

Identifying Your Support Broker

You need to identify a Support Broker to help you implement your Self-Directed Services Plan and to help you to maintain compliance with Medicaid regulations.  Your Support Broker may be paid or unpaid.  If paid, they need to be included in your approved budget.  The Support Broker:

  • Ensures your Self-Directed Services Plan is reviewed every six months and updated at least annually so it remains current and eligible for Medicaid funding.
  • Assists you with maintaining the Circle of Support and facilitating Circle of Support meetings.
  • Assists you with reviewing, then revises and updates the Self-Directed Services Plan and budget.
  • Monitors your Self-Directed Services expenditures so you do not exceed your annual budget.
  • Assists you with completing and submitting Medicaid required documentation to Independent Support Services.
  • Assists you with recruiting and interviewing the training and supervision of your self-hired staff.

Independent Support Services as the “Employer of Record”

Independent Support Services, as the Fiscal Intermediary Service or “Employer of Record” is the voluntary not-for profit agency who acts as your fiscal and business agent.  ISS, as the Fiscal Intermediary Service bills for governmental funding and pays for the staff and the contracted services that you have hired to help you  achieve the established valued outcomes.  Independent Support Services will act as the “Employer of Record” and assist you to:

  • Manage your payroll and benefits for your self-hired staff.
  • Complete background checks
  • Assist you in providing mandatory staff training
  • Accesses the funds to pay for the agreed to expenditures in the Self-Directed Services Plan.
  • Review submitted invoices from independent contractors, approve them and pay them.
  • Track your expenditures and provide you and your Self-Directed Services DDSO Liaison with monthly financial statements.
  • For all staff that you hire, Independent Support Services performs all the employment and payroll duties; facilitates background checks and fingerprinting; implements health insurance as appropriate; collects, reviews and approves timesheets and other required service documentation; disburses payroll checks and tax statements, provides worker’s compensation insurance and all other mandatory benefits for your staff, submits tax withholding statements to appropriate government agencies, and provides assistance to obtain required training based on your identified needs.

Medicaid Service Coordination

Independent Support Services is also a provider of Medicaid Service Coordination for people with developmental disabilities who reside in Sullivan County, New York.

Medicaid Service Coordination is a separate and distinct service from all other services.  The Medicaid Service Coordinator (MSC) works in partnership with you and does not take control of you, rather the MSC will help you to achieve a perspective what you want in your life.  The MSC:

  • Is chosen by you or your advocate.
  • Assesses and attempts to increase your satisfaction with your life.
  • Promotes and monitors the person’s health and safety.
  • Promotes inclusion (community membership) and self-determination.
  • Always advocates for the person supporting his/her dreams and defending his/her rights.
  • Provides Assessment to determine your functional status, service needs personal goals and preferences.
  • Develops and Implements your Individual Service Plan (ISP).
  • Coordinates the services you need and/or want.
  • Helps you find and refers you to specific service providers within your community.
  • Monitors and follows-up on your service plan by overseeing your participation in the needed/desired HCBS waiver services, supports and activities, according to your individualized service plan (ISP).
  • Tracks relevant information about your life in order to maintain a written record of major events, changes, issues and progress, and thereby provide person-centered services.

Independent Support Services is about the person first and foremost.