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Important Information from People Services

Good morning, In October of this year, we had an OPWDD full agency audit. While overall we did well, the state communicated that we must make changes to our hiring process and the DSP evaluation. These changes are required per regulations. As of this month, we have begun making these changes. The changes are as […]

Self Hired Support Staff Employee Handbook Announcement

We have revised the Self Hired Support Staff Employee Handbook. The Employee Handbook will be available on our Portal through the Learning Management System in the next few days. All Self Hired Support Staff will have 60 days from the time it is on the portal to review the Employee Handbook and the attestation in the […]

Important Updates from People Services

First update: Recently there has been a revision made to the ADM that allows for the use of remote technology to deliver Home and Community Based Services. As of 11/11/23 and Per ADM# 21-ADM-03R there has been an extension granted until 4/11/24 allowing for Life Plans to reflect the election of the use of remote […]

2024 Support Staff Holiday Schedule

The 2024 Support Staff Holiday Schedule is now posted on the People Services page. Scroll down to the 2024 Support Staff Holiday Schedule, click on the link to open the document.

Workforce Incentive Distribution Plan

We are happy to announce we have received some of the workforce incentive money and are working diligently to ensure the money is properly distributed. As you may know, the state has invested money to give bonuses to DSPs who have worked as Community Habilitation Staff, Respite Staff and SEMP staff during the pandemic and […]

Learning Management System Announcement

Dear Stakeholders, As promised we have developed our own Learning Management System (LMS) to meet the mandatory training requirements of OPWDD and New York State.  Our new Learning Management System is available now through our portal. You will no longer have to remember another website address, username and password. This new feature is displayed on your […]

Exciting changes happening at ISS!

Departmental Changes We are pleased to announce that our Human Resources Department has changed its name to People Services. This name change reflects changes in the field of Human Resources and it represents more of what we do to support Participants, in hiring staff, working through staff issues, and providing all the necessary back office […]

OPWDD Announces Approval of Vaccine Bonus for all DSPs

OPWDD announced the approval of a vaccine bonus for all Direct Support Professionals through the Appendix K Waiver approval.  Self- Hired Direct Support Professionals have until January 14, 2022 to be fully vaccinated. To be considered fully vaccinated, you must receive both doses of a two-dose vaccine or one dose of the single dose vaccine. […]

EVV System Update

To our Stakeholders, We appreciate all your efforts in trying to work with us while we have been getting ready to meet the mandate required by the Cures Act on 1/1/21.  We tried to build an EVV system to meet the minimum requirements, and to be the least intrusive while still maintaining the integrity of […]

Independent Support Services is committed to supporting diversity and inclusion within our organization and today, in recognition of Juneteenth, we honor and respect the celebration of the emancipation from slavery. Independent Support Services will remain committed to being champions of change and advocate for the freedoms for all to live the life they choose.