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Why did I get a shift reminder email from ISS?

Shift reminder emails are generated automatically from our system to remind our stakeholders to check for any pending shifts. These reminders are sent to assure that staff and Circle approvers are up to date on shifts to help with the timely delivery of payroll processing. Certain reminders will trigger only if pending shifts are present, […]

Introducing the Self-Direction Guidebook!

The Self-Direction Resource Guidebook serves as a comprehensive resource aimed at enhancing the knowledge and empowerment of our participants and their circles of support. By delving into ISS policies and procedures, this guidebook equips individuals with the necessary tools to navigate their self-directed journey effectively. Through clear and concise information, it fosters a deeper understanding […]

How can I update my Contact info on UKG?

To update any of your contact information on UKG please complete the Personnel Change form found on the website Forms page, and email it to with your full name, what is being changed, and what it should now be. For legal name changes, you must provide a copy of your new Social Security […]

Uploading Multiple Images from a Mobile Device

If you are uploading multiple images to an expense, we recommend using the Photo Library (iOS) or Media Picker (Android) option. This should allow you to select multiple images and upload them to the expense submission. For more detailed information, that includes pictured examples, visit our help website here:

How to Fix a Shift after it’s been submitted

If you realize there is a mistake in your shift after it’s already submitted, you will need to check the status of the shift to know how to proceed. See the Chart Below: Status How to Resolve Pending Circle Approval Reach out to the circle. They will need to rejectthe shift so it’s sent back […]

How to Fix a shift

If you are a staff member that is asked to fix a shift, follow the instructions below. In order to start, you’ll need to go to the ISS Portal website and login: Issue How to resolve Modify Staff Activities, Event Details, or Virtual Details Go to the Finalize Details, make the appropriate changes, then […]

How can Web Support assist you?

Web Support is meant for technical support issues relating to the ISS Portal or UKG. When emailing, please make sure to include the following information: Web Support is unable to assist with inquiries on behalf of other departments. If you are ever unsure of who to ask for help, please contact your Self-Direction Coordinator.

Quality Assurance and Compliance – What you should know

Understanding ISSNY Reporting and Investigation Policies and Procedures ISS takes Quality Assurance and Compliance very seriously. In this eblast we’ve included two resources as a general guidance for reporting and investigations. Quality assurance and compliance are essential components in ensuring that programs and services meet the required standards and regulations. Quality Assurance drives the value and […]

Making Your Own Path

Self-Directing, Chris has recently obtained a job through Winters Center for Autism. He is working at an Accounting firm once a week where he is assisting with clerical tasks, copying, organizing, assembling folders/packets, mailings, sanitizing and shredding. This is a huge milestone for Chris, and he and his family are SUPER excited!

How to Upload an Expense

Here’s a simple guide on uploading an expense! In order to start, you’ll need to go to the ISS Portal website: For more detailed information, that includes pictured examples, visit our help website here: