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Q: When do I need to mail/upload in my expenses and mileage?
A: We ask that these are submitted monthly, as soon as after the month’s end as possible. You can submit multiple times a month, not everything needs to be on one expense report but please try to consolidate if possible.

Q: Is there a deadline for submissions?
A: We need to receive them within 60 days from the last day of the month. Ex. January expenses no later than March 30th, etc. Keep in mind that the earlier we receive expenses the more time allotted for correcting errors. The closer we get to the deadline more chance that an expense may be rejected because it will be too late for payment.

Q: How quickly will I receive my reimbursement check?
A: We ask for up to one month from the date we receive the expense for processing and payment to go out.

Q: How long does it take to receive my check once it’s mailed?
A: Our practice is to wait three weeks after the check issue date for any replacements. Recent changes with the USPS have shown that it can take at least 15 business days for mail to arrive.

Q: Do I need to make copies or save my originals?
A: Always make copies in case the original gets lost in the mail if you are mailing. Always keep originals if uploading. OPWDD could request original documents in an Audit situation.

Q – Who do I contact about my expense/mileage submission?

A – We prefer that the SD Coordinator be the point of contact. But an email to the is the best way to contact the Accounts Payable Department directly. Examples of what we can answer – “Was my expense received?”/“When was or will the check be mailed?”/“My check was lost/destroyed. Can I get a replacement?” – For specific questions regarding Budget Matters or Policy & Procedure, you should follow up with the SD Coordinator, Participant’s family or Support Broker as needed.

Q – Can I call about my expenses?
A – We prefer email but our voicemail box can be reached at 845-794-5218 option 1. It is checked daily and calls returned in the order received. Please leave a detailed message including your name, best contact (email or phone #), and a description of the issue in the message. This way we can research and have information available when we call back.

Q: I sent all my papers together. How come I received two checks?
A- We process expenses on a first come, first served basis and then have multiple people processing. Your mileage may be separated from expenses in that process. We also split up expenses by participant so if you are submitting for two different people, they may be split as well.

Q – What goes under the different categories in the Expense upload feature

  • Reimbursement – any Expense reimbursement to family or participant or staff (Expense Form or FRR Form).
  • Mileage – Mileage forms (Service-Related and Personal Use).
  • Brokerage – Support Broker billing forms. (“Invoice/Service record for Contracted/Vendor Services “or “Support Broker Invoice and Service Documentation”)
  • Vendor Invoice – Any payment to a provider (Direct Invoicing for classes, memberships, etc.).

Q – How do I upload documents? (type, size, tips)
A –

  • Best upload types are .pdf and .jpg. Our system does not recognize excel, word or word processor documents.
  • Cell phones with moving images (i.e. iPhone live photo) use a new file type (.heic) that we do not support
  • Make sure that backgrounds, etc. are kept to a minimum. The more color or design in the background the higher the likelihood of upload issues.
  • Make sure to be close enough and focused on the document for it to be readable.
  • Click the Circle “?” on the top right of the home page in the portal for further upload information.
  • Contact for issues/concerns regarding the upload system.

Q – Can you give any other Tips?

  • Mileage – (Mileage Sample)
    • Complete 1 “page one” form for each request. Then use “page two” for additional dates of service within the same month and submission.
    • Make sure participant name and driver (payee) name are included on all pages.
    • Participant and driver (payee) must sign all pages.
    • No Ditto Marks, Arrows or blank boxes for any dates of service.
    • On “page one”, type of vehicle (participant/staff) and type of mileage (service/personal) must be checked.
    • On “page one”, Comments box can include frequently used addresses (ex. Home=380 Rabro Dr., etc.)
  • Expense Reimbursement – (Expense Sample) FILE TOO LARGE TO BE UPLOADED
    • Complete 1 “page one” form for each request. Then use “page two” for additional dates of service within the same month and submission.
    • Make sure participant name and payee name are included on all pages.
    • Participant and payee must sign all pages.
    • Must include bill for service (receipt) and proof of payment for every line requested.
    • Utility, Internet & Cell phone bills – Date of Service = Due Date of bill or Date of Actual payment
  • Family Reimbursed Respite – (FRR Sample)
    • Make sure participant name and Designee (payee) name are included on all pages.
    • Designee must sign all pages.
    • Must be payable to Primary Caregiver.