Self-Direction Coordinator are here to assists individuals, their families and circle of support with implementing their Self-Direction budgets. They attend meetings, ensure payments are made in accordance with budgetary guidelines and ensures quality and compliance standards are met according to regulations.

To name a few things we do

  • Help with communications between departments
  • Track documentation across all departments to ensure Medicaid compliance
  • Generate and distribute updates, timesheets and Monthly Summary Notes to ensure they match the current Hab Plan
  • Participate in annual and semi-annual ISP meetings, addressing any issues that arise.
  • Communicate with the Circle of Support to address issues with staff, expenses, incidents, or just to check in on how each participant is doing with their services
  • Assist with approvals for services such as community classes, camp, household items and services, services rendered outside of NY state, and more
  • Assist with setting up housing payments for a new/updated lease

Self-Direction Guide (Coming Soon)