Welcome to the Family Liaison page

This position was created because we recognize the importance of building, and maintaining strong relationships with our participants, parents and advocates. We also realize that navigating the Self-Direction process isn’t always easy. As a parent of a Self-Direction participant I understand the process can be daunting, to say the least. My role is to guide you through the process, and to find ways to support you in Self-Direction.

One way is through ISS hosted Circle of Support Council meetings. If you can’t attend, you may stay informed by reading the meeting minutes which will be posted here.

We welcome your input, your ideas, what’s working, what’s not and most of all we love to hear about your successes!

Feel free to reach out at any time.

I look forward to hearing from you,
631.864.2536 X454

COS Council Meeting 1st Qtr – “Workforce Issues”

March 2024 – Video

COS Council Meeting 4th Qtr – “Year End Wrap Up”

December 2023 – Video

COS Council Meeting 3rd Qtr – “Supported Decision Making”

September 2023 – Video
Supported Decision Making Slides

COS Council Meeting 2nd Qtr – “Community Classes and Self-Direction

June 2023 – Video
Family Council Class Presentation PPT
SD Guidance, PDF, March 2022
Addendum 4 IDGS Chart, PDF, May 2022
Administrative Directive, PDF, May 2-22
Community Classes Evaluation Criteria, PDF, July 2023

COS Council Meeting 2023 – “Self-Hired Supported Employment (SEMP)”

March 2023 – Video
Self-Hired Supported Employment PPT

COS Council Meetings 2022:

“End of year wrap up for 2022”
Meeting was originally scheduled for Dec – This is the 4th Quarter meeting
January 2023 – Video 

“How to be safe in a Self-Directed model of service”
September 2022 – Video
COS Council Meeting Presentation

“Statement from Alan Kulchinsky, Exec. Director & presentation by ISS People Services & Accounts Payable Department”
June 2022 – Video

“Barbara Morell – The World of Benefits and Paid Employment”
March 29, 2022 – Video  Slide Presentation –  Q&A

COS Council Meetings 2021:

Watch the final quarter Circle of Support Council meeting (formerly the Parent Council) “2021 Wrap up” with Alan, Laurie and Sheryl addressing questions and comments from our advocates. Click here

View the September 2021 Circle of Support Council Meeting (formerly the Parent Council) consisting of a presentation and Q & A with ISS Executive Director Alan Kulchinsky and NYS Master Housing Navigator, Trish Calandra Click here