Dear Stakeholders,

As promised we have developed our own Learning Management System (LMS) to meet the mandatory training requirements of OPWDD and New York State. 

Our new Learning Management System is available now through our portal. You will no longer have to remember another website address, username and password.

This new feature is displayed on your home page in the portal through a My Learning widget. You will no longer receive emails with reminders, you will just see the widget.

Once you click on the widget you will see the courses you are enrolled in. You can start and stop taking the courses as your schedule allows you to, however you must take and complete all the trainings annually. 

The trainings you will see are based on the roles you have in our portal. Experienced support staff will see all mandatory NYS and OPWDD trainings which are as mentioned required annually. Newly hired support staff will see our new hire training which includes the mandatory trainings. Other stakeholders such as primary contacts and brokers will see the NYS sexual harassment training and the electronic visit verification training.   

Below is a link to our help page that explains the features of the Learning Management System. You can use this link anytime you have any questions or need help with the system.

As always, any problems you have with the training directly, please contact or if you have issues logging into the portal please contact Web Support at