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I am Self-Directed

A key event in my life was having the opportunity to live independently. Having my own place made me feel wonderful. I picked out my own beautiful furniture, decorated my apartment and am very happy living on my own. What are your favorite recreations? There are three recreational activities that I like, Karoake, bowling and […]

I am Self-Direction

Editor’s note: This month’s Self-Direction segment highlights Matthew Magilavy. Mathew’s journey in Self-Direction began in 2010 when he was 21 years old. With tremendous challenges and deficits such as limited communication and social skills, Matthew’s Mom couldn’t imagine or foresee the growth and achievements that lay ahead, due to Self-Direction. In Matthews words. I have […]


Meet James My name is James and I’m 32 years old. I have been Self-Directing since 2014.  Currently living with a non-cancerous brain tumor, I’m a living miracle. Self-Direction has given me the freedom to do the things that interest me, and provides staff to help me with the things I couldn’t do on my […]

In the Spotlight

 Editors Note:  Nicole Milano was recently recognized for her service dog training efforts, by Councilman Anthony P. D’Esposito.  In a letter from Councilman Esposito, he commended Nicole for her dedication to the service dog assistance program and for her commitment as a life skills coach for individuals with disabilities.  “Teamwork Turns Two Canine Enthusiasts to […]

In The Spotlight

Featuring Jack and Eric Petersen With an introduction from their mom, Bea Petersen, who gives us her perspective from a parent’s point of view. Bea I have 4 children. 2 boys and 2 girls. Eric and Jack are close in age and both participate in Self-Direction. Since their inception in Self-Direction, the stress of my […]

I Am Self-Directed

Key Event in my life One of the keys to my happy life is when I started Stony Brook University Summer of 2018.  I immediately met news friends and started a new chapter in my world. My favorite recreation At 21 years old my favorite recreation is going out with my DSPS to do adventures. We have gone to Atlantis, Bronx Zoo, […]

I am Self-Directed

Featuring Leah Shapiro   A key event in my life Having my art displayed at the ISS picnic showcase this past summer. My favorite recreation I enjoy doing art and swimming. My latest accomplishment Working as an art teacher. One thing most people do not know about me I love making homemade pizza. What does […]

In The Spotlight

Featuring Michael Korins   Tell us a little bit about yourself My name is Michael Korins.  I am 25 years old and live on Long Island with my family. I am autistic. I have been Self-Directing since I left high school.  While I struggle with many things, I am a talented musician.  I am an […]