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I Am Self-Directed

Key Event in my life

One of the keys to my happy life is when I started Stony Brook University Summer of 2018.  I immediately met news friends and started a new chapter in my world.

My favorite recreation

At 21 years old my favorite recreation is going out with my DSPS to do adventures. We have gone to Atlantis, Bronx Zoo, Yaphank and Holtsville farms. I enjoy going to Regal movies, Glee, crafting, basketball, Dew Drop Inn , dance classes, and we always exercise together.

My latest accomplishment

My biggest accomplishment is being more social to call my friends and make my own plans. I work at Poppies Clam bar and SWR Pizza.

One thing most people don’t know about me

One huge thing people do not know about me is, someday I will get married and buy a brick home. I will work hard at all my jobs so I can be prepared to achieve my dreams.

What does Self-Direction mean to me?

Self-Direction is about working hard and reaching goals.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

I would like to help make a Long Island Zoo for children to come year round. This will be the first Zoo to be open late at night to provide music and fireworks.


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