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Important Payroll Information

Payday this week is going to be on Thursday 11/9/17 due to the Veteran’s Day banking holiday on Friday. Holidays also tend to slow the USPS mail so whenever possible, please mail your timesheets early.

Also, reminder: Only 24 hours of PTO will rollover into 2018. Check your UltiPro pay stub for your PTO balance. If you are taking time off please remember that PTO is paid time off; if you are working with another participant at the same time as the PTO times to make up hours you cannot receive “Paid Time Off” because you are not “off”, you are working. If you make up hours they must be at different times than the PTO hours. Also please remember when submitting your time sheet for PTO time that you must write the dates, times and hours you would normally work with the participant, mark it as non-billable, not face-to-face, and write PTO for the description/staff action.


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