Attention Payroll Paid Staff and Time Approvers,

Please have time approved as early as possibly for the pay period ending 12/17 as we have limited processing time due to the holiday. All time must be submitted and approved on Monday 12/18 at the latest, sooner if possible.

Also please be advised 2023 Forms W-2 will be sent out and available in your UKG by 1/31/2024 as required. You do not need to request them. 

NOTE: If you received third party sick pay in 2023 (usually for temporary disability medical leave of absence), you will require a Form W-2c, please wait to hear from us before filing even if you receive your other tax documents, we will send you an individual email by 1/26/2024 if this applies to you with further information.

Thank you and happy holidays.
Payroll Department

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