Newly Revised AP Forms

To all,

Effective immediately, the Accounts Payable department has revised and uploaded updated forms to the website.  These forms replace previous, outdated ones.  Going forward, please begin using the new, revised forms.

In addition, please note that we have added a mileage form for use by families with multiple participants who utilize multiple family-owned vehicles and allow all staff to drive those vehicles.  The purpose of this form is to identify who is driving which participant in which vehicle at any one time.

You will find the following newly revised forms

Mileage 2018
Mileage 2018 for Multiple Vehicles
Mileage Sample 2018

Expense 2018
Expense Sample 2018

Family Reimbursed Respite 2018
Respite Sample 2018

on the current ISS website at

24 Apr