Upload Process

AP here!

This week’s focus is the portal upload process. Clickable links to more detailed walkthroughs can be found throughout this email. Take a look!

Submit your expenses by uploading through the portal.
Ensure all images are clear and legible. If using a smartphone, the best way to take photos is by using the “scan” feature. You can Google instructions for your specific device, or visit the article on the portal help section here for assistance. Scanning photos creates clear images with a small file size.Only one form to an image, and only two to three receipts to a page for expenses.

Be sure you are selecting the proper participant and payee when uploading. If the payee is someone other than yourself, select “no” and enter the correct payee. A more detailed walkthrough can be found here.
All reimbursement requests must be received within 30 days from the month of service in order to be processed with time for corrections if necessary. The absolute last date for submissions is 75 days from the month of service. For example, the deadline to receive September expenses is December 15th