AP here with our next topic, Mileage. Please take a look at these tips!

  • Fill out form completely. The “payee” line in particular gets missed quite often. All pages must be signed and dated.
  • Physical addresses are required. Please fill out all lines – do not draw arrows or use ditto marks (“) in lieu of completing the lines of the form.
  • Page 1 must be filled out every time. If you need more room, page 2 can then be used as many times as needed.
  • Keep only one month to a form, and be sure to separate IDGS Transportation and OTPS Personal Use Transportation onto their own separate forms.
  • The comment box can be used for frequently visited destinations. For example, in the comment box, you could write “Home = 123 Sunshine Lane, City NY”. From then on, you would just be able to write “home” in the destination line of the form instead of the full physical address each time.
  • On our website are fillable forms. We encourage using these instead of handwriting the forms. The fillable forms are easy to use and make things much more legible, causing less issues and potential questions that could lead to delaying payment. 
  • Copies of the fillable forms as well as a sample mileage form can be found here.