The 3rd ISS parent council meeting took place on Thursday, November 8.  Valuable input from parents and ISS resulted in a better understanding of some of the policies recently sent to our participants and families.

  • A revised staff pay rate policy was sent out to address the concerns of families. It was obvious that there was a misunderstanding regarding the original policy. ISS would never have the intention of taking employer or budget authority away from participants/families.  The goal of the policy was to give suggestions/guidance to families so that the participant is best served.  The policy was generated after concerns were raised about inflated rates being awarded to certain staff.
  • As a result of requests from the majority of our participants/families, as well as keeping up with technology, Electronic timesheets are being introduced in the near future. These will not be mandatory for ISS. If participants/families wish to continue with paper timesheets, they can. However, please know that NY State/Medicaid will be mandating electronic timesheets (EVV) beginning 2020. As a Medicaid service provider, ISS will need to comply with that guidance if/when it is announced.
  • FAPTO – Beginning January 2019, Family Approved PTO has been increased to 100 hours per calendar year for each participant (Jan to Dec). Please contact your Self Direction Coordinator prior to using them to check your balance and alert HR.  When requesting FAPTO, be sure to give the staff name, the dates requested, and hours requested.  FAPTO should only be requested for the normal work hours for the support staff.  Timesheets should indicate the dates and times that were requested, and “FAPTO” should be written in the description section.  FAPTO can be used when the participant is unavailable (ie vacations, sick, hospitalization) or in the case of inclement weather (ie snow days).  FAPTO is taken from the fringe pool.  It is reset each January – and is not accrued.
  • Fringe Rate – ISS has reduced the fringe rate to 24%.


Aging caregivers:
Sustaining Self-Direction when primary caregivers are no longer able to help

At the request of many parents, we have been asked to help address the very concerning issue of sustainability with Self Direction.  The inevitable aging of caretakers brings about the question on many of our minds, “Who will take care of my participant(s) when I am no longer able?”

Our next Parent Council meeting on March 26, 2019 will focus on this important dilemma facing us all.  Please look for and respond to our evite in February.  Space will be limited.