Understanding ISSNY Reporting and Investigation Policies and Procedures

ISS takes Quality Assurance and Compliance very seriously. In this eblast we’ve included two resources as a general guidance for reporting and investigations. ´╗┐Quality assurance and compliance are essential components in ensuring that programs and services meet the required standards and regulations.

Quality Assurance drives the value and continuous improvement of services we provide. It involves systematically monitoring and evaluating the quality of processes and outputs to ensure consistency and excellence. Compliance focuses on adhering to the legal and regulatory requirements governed by OPWDD to ensure specific standards are set and observed across an industry. Compliance also ensures ethical practices are met.

The attached documents below were written for Participants and their families to better understand the ISS reporting and investigations process, and to provide you with supportive guidance and resources.

ISSNY Reporting and Investigation Guidance for Individuals and Families, PDF, May 2024