On Monday, 1/23/2023, at 12 PM, the Portal will be updated with changes to the One-Time Passcodes (OTP). Please see the changes below:

1. No more default method – Upon login, existing users will see the following window and will select which method to receive the OTP, either by Email or Text message. New users to the Portal will need to set their own password and provide information for two-factor authentication.

Choose either text or email at each login

2. 2-minute limit on requesting a new OTP code – To avoid our most common user error, a code can only be requested once every 2 minutes. An error banner will appear if an attempt to prematurely send the code has been made.

As always, please reference the help website’s page for more detail. Specifically, see our page on multi-factor authentication at https://help.issny.org/books/portal-basics/page/multi-factor-authentication