If you are a staff member that is asked to fix a shift, follow the instructions below. In order to start, you’ll need to go to the ISS Portal website and login: https://portal.issny.org/

IssueHow to resolve
Modify Staff Activities, Event Details, or Virtual DetailsGo to the Finalize Details, make the appropriate changes, then click Next.
Start or End timesGo to Final review Screen, click Change, make the appropriate changes
  • Once you make the necessary adjustments, click Submit Shift to resubmit to the Circle for approval.
  • Note: if the Employer, Job, method, or location was incorrect, you CANNOT modify the shift. You will need to delete the shift and submit a forgotten one

For more detailed information, that includes pictured examples, visit our help website here: https://help.issny.org/books/etime/page/correcting-a-shift