We regret to inform you that it is necessary for Independent Support Services, Inc. to raise our fringe rate to 28% for all Self Hired services (which includes Com Hab, Respite, & SEMP) by May 1, 2022.  Please work with your Support Broker to amend your budget.  We are requesting your Support Broker submit an adjusted budget to review@issny.org as soon as possible – but require the updated budget be submitted to review@issny.org within 60 days of May 1, 2022.

The intention of the fringe rate is to cover all employer costs as per the self-direction regulations for functioning as the employer of record. These costs include all mandated costs such as payroll taxes, workers compensation, unemployment insurance, disability, health benefits, 403(b) match, Paid Time Off, and indirect costs – which in our case includes FAPTO, vaccination pay, COVID pay, meetings and trainings.

Many of the costs due to the pandemic were unfunded mandates, while other costs increased dramatically.  We have taken numerous steps to reduce our expenses and have proudly had a lower fringe rate than other Fiscal Intermediaries. However, we are now in the position that we must make this change.

We thank you all for your cooperation and hope the future is bright for all of our participants and their circles’ of support.

Best Regards,

Alan Kulchinsky
Executive Director