Portal Practices:  Helpful Tips Part I

We understand that sometimes logging into the portal can be daunting. Here are some easy steps to follow that will help you when logging in. Look for more snippets of information in the coming weeks regarding navigating the portal and troubleshooting.  We hope this information will help make the process seamless.

How to Login

Logging in is a simple process. In order to start, you’ll need to go to the ISS Portal website: https://portal.issny.org/

  • At the PORTAL LOGIN page, enter your email address and your password. Then click LOGIN.
  • If the login information was correct, you will be taken to the TWO-FACTOR INFORMATION page. Choose whether you’d like your One-Time Passcode (OTP) delivered to you via EMAIL or TEXT message. Click on the option you prefer and allow up to 5 minutes for delivery to your phone or email address.
  • Once you choose your OTP delivery method, you will be redirected to the CONFIRM LOGIN page. When you receive your OTP code, enter the 6-digit number into the ONE-TIME PASSCODE field and your homepage will automatically load after the last number is typed in.
  • Note: Keep the webpage open while you’re waiting to get your OTP code. Closing the page, clicking “Back to Login”, or reloading the page will reset the login process and you’ll have to start from step 1 again!

For more detailed information, that includes pictured examples, visit our help website here: https://help.issny.org/books/portal-basics/page/how-to-login-to-the-iss-portal