You might think hitting that flag on your email website, app, or software is a fast and easy way to get that message out of your way, but that action may have far-reaching consequences.  By reporting ISS emails as SPAM or Abuse, you are telling your email provider that ISS does not have the right to email you.  They will then bounce back to ISS any emails that we try to send.  That means you might not get any email from anyone at ISS or any email from our Portal – OTP passcodes, expense submission confirmations and errors, Staff Action Plan processes, shift reminders and returns, etc.  Worse, your email provider may then flag ISS as a whole and not deliver our emails to other users who just happen to have the same @ as you!

You cannot report emails from ISS as SPAM or Abuse if you are one of our Participants or their Circles, vendors or contractors, or Support Staff.  We are providing a legitimate service to or for you and as an individual or organization; we are required and legally allowed to email you in order to go about that business.

When our emails are reported as SPAM or Abuse, there is nothing ISS can do to fix the problem.  You need to work with your email provider to undo the action.  If you cannot, you must provide ISS with a new email address.

Remember to set or as a preferred sender.  Visit for more info.