In order to start, you’ll need to go to the ISS Portal website and login:

  • Click on the menu at the top right and click “My Staff Work
  • The “Filter By:” gives you the ability to filter and organize shifts based on what you select. The options include the following:


Shifts are filtered based on their current status (Pending Circle Review, Approved by Circle, Being Processed at ISS, etc.)


Shifts are filtered based on the person who submitted the shift


Shifts are filtered by the type of job (ComHab, Respite, SEMP, etc.)

Tip: You can have more precise results by filtering multiple categories. For example, if you wanted to see all the pending for approval community habilitation shifts for Staff 1, select “Pending Circle Review”, ”Staff 1”, and “COMHAB” respectively.

For more detailed information, that includes pictured examples, visit our help website here: