Dear Stakeholders,

It was recently brought to our attention that Parking and Tolls are not reimbursable items except under Staff Activity Fees when a Self-Hired staff is providing the transportation.

Effective, October 1, 2023, ISS will no longer be able to reimburse these items except under the Staff Activity Line of the budget.

Thank you for your cooperation with the current guidance.

Accounts Payable Department

From Self-Direction Program NYS OPWDD
Parking and tolls are fees, so if the fee is incurred by the person who is self-directing, it would not be allowed IDGS.
If it is the staff incurring these, they could be covered under:
Staff activity fees (self-hired staff only) to cover meals, admissions, fees, transportation or other COS staff, when providing support to the self-directing person in activities that support a valued outcome, if it passes all four OTPS tests.