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Important Payroll Announcement

IMPORTANT!!! PAYROLL:  PLEASE mail your timesheet Friday or Saturday,  if you are not working over the weekend.  If you cannot mail it early, remember the post office is OPEN on 12/24 and the timesheets must be postmarked that day at the latest, in order to get here in time to pay them! Mail them ASAP […]

News from Accounts Payable

Due to the Holiday Season, Rent checks which are generally mailed on the 24th of each month will be mailed on the 26th, for November and December. November checks were placed in the mail yesterday. Any questions or concerns, please contact or your Self-Direction Coordinator. We have amended our mileage forms on the ISS […]

To Payroll Employees

Please remember that the post office is closed Monday, 11/12/18. If you are not working over the weekend we ask that you mail your timesheets on Friday or Saturday this week. Thank you!

Important information and reminders from ISS Payroll

1. Timesheets will be returned to staff if they are not complete. The staff and participant/representative must make sure that every area of the timesheet is filled in. Timesheets will also be returned if there is ANY white out or pencil used on the timesheet. These will not be paid, so please ensure that we […]

Portal Maintenance this Saturday, 9/29

Please be advised, the Participant and SEMP portals and, will be undergoing maintenance this Saturday, 9/29 from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. This means the system will be down during this time. Note: Depending on the time it takes the developers to finish their updates, it may be up and running soon. Thank […]

Self-Direction Webinar for Individuals and Families

Below is the announcement and link for the 9/25 Self-Direction participant and family Webinar. Please note that registration will be limited to the first 1,000 people.  If you miss it there is a plan to make it available online. Self-Direction Webinar for Individuals and Families Hosted by OPWDD Division of Person-Centered Supports, Self-Direction Unit, Kate […]

Salary Parameters of Self- Hired Staff (Direct Support Professionals)

Policy: Independent Support Services, Inc. as a Fiscal Intermediary is establishing salary parameters for Self-Hired Staff (Direct Support Professionals) in order to insure that pay rates will not result in excessive service reimbursement costs. Pay Rates: Starting wage for Self Hired Staff (Direct Support Professionals) could be between $15 and $20 per hour. Raises cannot […]